I’m available for hire! I write code for mobile apps and web apps, but I also do UX design, UI design for prototypes, write specs and documentation, and can fix your email (if I’m not busy and you are nice to me). I’ve also tutored and mentored few people.


How much does a website/app cost?
As much as you want but you can get a decent website for like $30/mo on Squarespace. I’ve built apps for as little as $10k.

What’s your hourly rate?
I work with an agency and their rates start out at $175/hr and go up based on a wide variety of factors. I get a percentage of that.

Will you work on-site?
Maybe. Where are you located? If you’re in the Bay Area then probably. If not, it’s possible but not likely.

What technology to you work with?
A long list of things but mostly Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, React, React Native, and Redux.

What’s your alma mater?
I don’t know what that means.

Do you know XYZ tech?
Is it PHP? ‘Cause if it’s PHP the answer is no.

Should I use Wordpress for my website?
Probably not.

Will you take equity for a lower rate?
Probably not, but I’ll hear your pitch!

Can you help me with my email?

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