I write Ruby, JavaScript, and Go for mobile apps and web apps. I do some preliminary UX design for very early stage projects, write specs and documentation. I’ve also tutored and mentored few people.

Here’s a full list of services I specialize in:


How much does a website/app cost?
As much as you want but you can get a decent website for like $30/mo on Squarespace. If you need some help putting it together, let’s talk! I love working with small businesses. As far as web and mobile apps go, most land in the $30-50k range. The sky is the limit on the upper range. We spent over $250k developing Upshot. 😮

What’s your hourly rate?
My rate averages out at around $135/hr. It can change depending on scope of work, length of contract, and other considerations. I’m flexible, so let’s chat and figure it out. If you work with me through an agency then I get a percentage of whatever they charge, and they usually try to get the highest rate possible.

Will you work on-site?
Maybe. Where are you located? If you’re in the Bay Area then probably. If not, it’s possible but not likely.

What development technologies to you work with?
Mostly Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, React Native, PostgreSQL, Nginx, and Go. I’ve worked with others like Java, PHP, Python, MySQL, Apache, jQuery, and Backbone.js, but the former are ones I like the most. I’m always trying new things, so this list might be outdated by the time you read it.

What’s your alma mater?
I don’t know what that means.

Do you know XYZ tech?
Is it PHP? ‘Cause if it’s PHP the answer is no.

Should I use Wordpress for my website?
Probably not, but there are certain circumstances where it makes sense.

Will you take equity for a lower rate?
Probably not, but I’ll hear your pitch!

Can you help me with my email?

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