I prefer to work on a team, have/make clear project specs, create automated tests, code in Ruby, build the UI first, and work on projects early in the design or development process.

I primarily write code in Ruby and JavaScript but sometimes in Go.

I like React and React Native—a lot. I’m also a “Rails guy” and I’m not ashamed to say it. Ok, maybe a little, but seriously? Why the bad rap? I can build a simple production ready app in Ruby on Rails in a day. What?

I’m down with static types. Just don’t get all dogmatic with me about it. Flexibility is good too.

Some developers don’t like Clean Code. Dirty hippies.

I’m a luddite IRL.

Please don’t use “The Cloud” in your marketing copy.

Once, I wasn’t able to write a fib sequence during a code interview in under 3 minutes. I’m sure that’s not the case now…

Why doesn’t the “tech” industry do stages like fine dining restaurants do?

There are too many testing libraries and not enough tests.

Don’t ask me to fix your email.

What is this page about? Oh yeah! Here’s a list of all the tech skills I have that I can think of.

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