Based in Sonoma County, CA, born in Red Lodge, MT, Levi is a self-taught software engineer, maker, artist, and inventor.

After a troubled childhood and early adulthood, he took an interest in programming as a way to learn a valuable skill without a significant monetary investment by using the web as his tutor.

He assumed that with little experience and no college degree, it would be difficult to find a programming job. At the time it was easy to find small business owners wanting a website and building sites for them allowed him to earn an income while studying software engineering, computer science, and mathematics at home.

Interested in music at an early age, he started DJ’ing in his mid-teens and played Drum and Bass, Breaks, and House music at large parties and festivals. Later on, he was a regular DJ at nightclubs such as Bar Standard and The Church in Denver, CO. His passion for music has always been present and he has written numerous electronic music tracks over the years.

Levi describes himself as perpetually curious and inventive. When he was 3 he took apart his mother’s vacuum to see what was inside. When he was 7, he designed an integrated ski boot with short skis and an internal pump, like Rebok Pumps. Although he felt his ideas weren’t taken seriously or nurtured as a child, he continued to dream, draw, and build. His inventiveness and creativity are apparent in his work, for both his personal and professional projects.

Levi continues to dream and invent along with his two young girls and wife in Sonoma County. Along with his work he enjoys designing and building projects for his family’s home.

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