Sphere of Purpose

December 3, 2023

One day, a man was searching for his purpose. He lost his way and went down the dark path of uncertainty. While wandering in the darkness, a small light appeared in the distance. He pondered the meaning of it and followed the source of its rays. As he got closer, he realized he could only see the light and nothing else but the floor. He was standing in the void.

He arrived at the small glowing sphere, white and soft hovering in the air at chest height, and he moved his hands around it to see if it was suspended by a wire or a rod, but it was hovering free of any supports. He figured he must be in a dream. This couldn’t be real, he thought, and all his wandering couldn’t be real either. How could he wake up? How could he escape this dream? He tried yelling, stamping his feet, but nothing worked. He was stuck in his dream and felt a deep dread.

He thought there must be something to this light. Maybe inside it was the answer he was searching for. But what is the question? He’d been wandering so long he’d forgotten.

He tried to pinch and pull it, but it wouldn’t move. It was fixed in place like a diamond in a ring. He sat down and thought some more. Maybe he needed to stop thinking and just be so he could understand the true meaning and source of the light. He laid down, closed his eyes and soothed his mind to silence. He pictured the light and moved it in his mind. When he opened his eyes, the light was where he moved it, 10 feet up!

He rose and cautiously went to the light. Puzzled, he tried to move it again with his hands. It wouldn’t budge. He recalled trying to move objects with his mind in the past but it had never worked. Surely this was a dream.

He laid down again and had an idea to make the light bigger. He closed his eyes, calmed his mind, and imagined the sphere getting bigger. When he opened his eyes and sat up, it was as big as he had imagined it. Now it was the size of a small car and much brighter than before, illuminating far into the distance. He still couldn’t see anything except for the light, but his mind was becoming more clear. He was confident that if he could make the light big enough, maybe he could find his way out of the darkness.

There was a problem though. As he sat this time, he found it difficult to quiet his mind. He thought about what he could use the light for. Maybe he could profit from it and that would solve his worldly problems. As he sat, he noticed out of the corner of his eye that the light was getting smaller and returning to its original position. Out of fear, he jumped up to stop it from moving and as he approached it, it disappeared. He was in the dark again. He emitted a guttural scream that shook him to the core.

He sat, weeping and ruminating about what went wrong for hours. He thought about all of his failures and resigned to the notion that life wasn’t worth it. There was no purpose.

His weak body laid down and he felt his spirit emerge as if being slowly sucked through a straw. As he ascended, a tiny flicker of the light sphere appeared again off in the distance. This time he could not approach it because he was being called by a force he could not control. Maybe, just maybe someone else will be able to control the sphere and find their purpose, he thought as he ascended farther into the void.